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Jason Momoa for Men’s Health UK October issue (x)


I guess that settles that argument







boys still call girls weak but many girls voluntarily pull parts of their own eyebrows off their faces by sheer force on a regular basis who the hell do they think they’re calling weak

#dont even get me started on bikini waxing


liquid eyeliner


dealing with boys. 


Fall 2014 fashion: Scout’s ham costume from To Kill A Mockingbird


doctor who + text posts | part 1/? (tenth doctor edition)



inspired by all of the other fandom posts i’ve seen like this


Old Hollywood Avengers

(because Tony throwing Gatsby-like parties is perfect)

Anonymous: Penises are for urinating and supplying sperm for reproduction, doesn't mean we urinate and fuck in public .. why should breast feeding be okay? fucking typical one sided feminist



Does your penis provide sustenance for another person? No. Can you show your nipples in public if you want to? Yes. Also, breasts are not genitals or sex organs. Only 13 out of 190 cultures world wide consider them to be sexual or even private parts. Don’t even act like this is a feminist thing. This is a babies-have-the-right-to-eat thing.


I’ve seen more men urinating in public than I have women breast feeding, like are you fucking kidding me??!? Men take every excuse to expose themselves in public to make women uncomfortable.




Disney recycled scenes to save time.

And people are bashing Frozen because…?

to save time? it was to save MONEY. back in what we now call the “Disney Dark Ages” they did not have the funds to be able to create everything from scratch, so scenes, character models, backgrounds, etc would be xeroxed. traditional animation is EXPENSIVE. a lot of original cels do not exist anymore because they had to use the cel sheets over and over! 

a big reason why people shit on Frozen using the same design on three different characters and not for xeroxing back in the day is because Disney, in this day and age, as one of the wealthiest corporations in the world, ABSOLUTELY has the funds to not need to re-use the same model over and over. 

The Aristocats and The Jungle Book had a budget of $4 million. Robin Hood's budget was 1.5 million. The Rescuers was a measly 1.2 million.

The budget for Frozen was $150 million. It made $1,263,716,698 at the box office. Disney, in 2014, with all it’s money and skilled employees, has NO excuse for re-using designs.



I would love to exercise every night if I had that bike.

I would ride this for hours if it had the music playing too.


I land back in 1973 - this is what the script says - I wake up next to a girl who I don’t remember, and I get out of bed wearing boxer shorts. I was like, ‘I don’t know about America, but in Australia if you’re next to a really good looking girl, you’re not getting out with boxer shorts on or briefs or anything.’ So yeah, I went commando. […]

They bought a bright green sock for me to wear and I was like, this is kinda drawing more attention than less. They said no, we need bright green, like a green screen, so if you bend over or turn around, and we need to erase anything, we can. I said that’s even weirder. They said please put it on, but the end of the first take I was like ‘Ermm, it’s gone, I don’t know where it is.’”

I just gonna leave this here



fucking eat like a Russian peasant after the Bolshevik revolution, chow down like a Congolese family during the droughts of 1910 - 17, crunch your mandibles around pies filled with rat shit as the Pure Food and Drug Act starts to get enforced properly, suck down your gruel as a sod farmer at 5.30am, get beri-beri disease from eating polished white rice and let your brain rot out your thick unkempt hippie skull as you chew fucking curds and shit yourself to death

ahaha a mere 100 years ago? THAT’s your cutoff point? i bet you eat pasteurized dairy products. i bet you eat fucking bread. wake ujp sheeple. stop eating made up “foods”. eat some goddamn bark. eat some grass. use your fucking appendix. eat a mammoth you hipster fuck. thank your body dot com. i live for this






Nailed it