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Hand painted floral nails on black by Christina Rinaldi of Prima Creative


Black #stingray exaggerated #tips. Nails and image by Christina Rinaldi of Prima Creative


Dipped and tipped. @adidasoriginals #superstar80 #nails #shelltoe by Christina Rinaldi of Prima Creative


You know, when I put them side-by-side like this, it iiiiisss possible that I buy too much polish. Top left is April 2012, bottom is October 2013 and the big rainbow is a couple weeks ago. I don’t have a problem at all!


[breathes heavily] mermaid nails


Delicate flowers and leaves gilded with white gold. I feel pretty goddamn decadent.

Decided to get snazzy colorful with my nails. Stile have to do the right hand bt luckily everything’s actually gone pretty smoothly!

nails ready for tonight!

spelled out “Star Trek” and then have the insignia on my thumbs ^^

took friggin forever and idk if my grey will ever be the same again

oh well no time to fret gotta finish getting ready asap! SO EXCITED FOR TONIGHT


Totally tried this & it’s not so hard. It looked amazing & experimenting with different color was fun!


Studded floral nails, using beautiful studs from KKCenterHK. Head over to my blogpost for more details!

oh! and i finally finally finished my nails last night! my friend and the cashier at Barnes and Noble complimented me! yay!

(new colors i got at a store while buying shorts and sunglasses, got em to get the sale! lol)

Quick Question:

green? pink? or both?


Pastel Skittle Nails with Penélope Luz - Lotus