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she didn’t say ‘because i am the best woman there was!’ 

she doesn’t claim to be ‘not like other women’

she doesn’t villify other women and suggest that she’s an exception

she calls dat shit out






look at my face

you think this is a fucking game

oh my fucking god



Flashback: 2011 Oscars with Host Anne Hathaway


daily Gemini horoscope 1/30:

ur day gonna b crazy jank, but dont let that stop u from doing absolutely nothing because no one gives a shit anyway. you’ll feel tired about halfway through, get like nothing in the way of productivity. Gemini’s duel personality means you’re a doomed 2 different ways and you get to figure out how ha ha sucker. Mars is in your 8th house of whatever which means you’re in for a surprise today. You still wont finish that thing you have to do. Surprise.

love forcast: ur love interest/Significant Other gonna continue to make u question ur taste in whatever gender they are that u happen to like. no one likes a bitch tho so don’t whine about it. in fact tell them how gr8 they are because of those horrible things they do, maybe you’ll get some hot makeouts out of it or something i dont know

money/finances: ur still broke lol


 #”useless” they said #”the token girl” they said #”where did you get that berreta” they said

Miss Piggy On Beauty


What are your top beauty tips?

Start out perfect and don’t change a thing. Always accentuate your best features by pointing at them. And conceal your flaws by sucker punching anyone who has the audacity to mention them.