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recently i’ve been feeling like my diet isn’t too hot, my digestive tract is a bit eugh and idk, i just wanna feel healthier/lighter

and so, this week i’m going vegetarian (technically ovo-lacto for rn) and hopefully that helps how i’ve been feeling. i’ll eat less sweets too, bc i feel like thats probably a contributing factor, and i’ll try to get in mini exercises every day (found a great list of 3-min exercises bc DAMN i’m lazy and i need to start somewhere) 


got my salads, got some meat substitute, tofu, pasta, veggie fried rice, and even some yogurt/probiotic stuff that i hope tastes good. ate some of the beef-less ground beef today and that was actually REALLY good, tasted a lot like the real thing. yay! (and not so yay, when i cooked it for dinner tonite my dad ate half by accident and YEAH already off to a good start, i’m down on rations)

but yeah

i mean it probably sounds weird, but it also has to do with being a bit more in control of my life, because i feel sort of lost and drifty and spacey, so focusing on something outside of work that’s constant might help.

we’ll see how this goes, and if it goes well, i’ll see how long i can go for! tho lunch on wednesdays might have to be my cheat days bc we get that catered at work and i don’t wanna spend a ton of extra money

Trying to ignore my feeling gross by drawing goofy things. Bleh. #work #life #feelsogrossugh #saveme #myart

Antsy and drinking wine and feeling better

Today was a long day, not super stressful but just sigh-worthy bc things get pushed and switched around and im managing work fine im just tired

So tired


Other stuff

got back a little bit ago from hanging out with a friend

i haven’t ever really hung out with just her since we were in college, and it was really nice

we went and got massages, had a nice dinner and talked about lots of stuff

i really feel like i got to know her a lot better (even tho ive known her for years)

we even stopped off near the Trump golf course in PV for a nice view of the ocean under the SuperMoon (well it was bright as hell anyway)

it was almost a date night but with a good friend, and even tho my shoulder/neck/head still feels like death and i might be dying, this day was super great


honest to god i cannot fucking handle anything past casual friendship



why is it SO impossible for me to even fathom this. like, i have actual DREAMS about this shit and then it really comes along and fuck me i can’t even look it in the face i’d rather dance off a cliff than do that

like i’ll play the game for 5 min and then it’s too real man it gets too real and i run

fuck early experiences having probably damaged me i’m a hopeless romantic and i can’t even look em in the eyes for longer than 3 seconds

Done with Glu HQ stuff. At the very least, i managed to find an Anchor Steam at lunch and drink it in the city it was brewed. Now to see if i can actually walk around a bit before we have to leave! #sfdaytrip #sanfrancisco #anchorsteam #booze #work #life (at Financial District, San Francisco)

today at work they announced our company got acquired by a larger mobile game company

it’s exciting for new things and stability and hopefully everything that changes is for the better

but i can’t stop being even MORE excited because they are paying for EVERYONE in the company (like 50 of us) to fly up to San Francisco and have a meet n greet at their HQ there!!


what a weirdly interesting week this has been

Home and sorta decompressed from comic con

My plants are still alive, yay! (The tomato plant is CRAZY big omg)

I have a cough and a sunburn

Good swag and memories

just got back from a LONG day 

it took us FOUR hours to get to La Jolla for our scuba/kayak tour thing, so of course we missed it

ended up going to another scuba place and renting some gear for cheap. put our stuff in lockers there, didn’t realize after putting the car keys in the locker (which we couldn’t reopen unless we wanted to spend more money to open it) that the cove was a 5 minute drive from there soooo we ended up walking about a mile and a half to the cove (literally up-hill both ways)

anyway, it really smelled like birds and sea lions (aka a ZOO) and after walking down and perching our towels on some rocks, we finally got in

IMMEDIATELY there are tons of fish! lots of sea grass but the fish are swimming everywhere, we had underwater disposable cameras and were taking pictures like crazy. i even dove a little bit and took cool pics.

we saw sea lions swim by us, a school of fish, and a gang of garibaldi fish (our state fish!) i say gang, because there were 10 of them just swimmin around us, checkin us out, and then this one grey fish with white spots came up and swam so close!! i may have touched his tail earlier, it was pretty funny, but he swam so close he came within two inches of my camera!! took a couple pics and then swatted at him so he didn’t get too close. it was a really fun experience

took the long walk back, grabbed dinner, had a really good plum wine and then headed home on a MUCH shorter drive

overall, a day full of misadventure (that drive in was full of hilarious desperation) but it was fun!

can’t wait to get that film developed and see if anything actually came out lol. okay. time to sleep. soooo fuckin sore and stiff and SLEEP NOW OKAY BYE

oh and btw

good news today

i got the full-time offer at work!! i’m a junior graphic designer now! :D

yay yay good friday i def needed this

also tomorrow i’m going kayaking/scuba diving, this is shaping up to be a good weekend


just LOVE the fact that when i finally decide to go and pay for a nice car wash, car lookin good

it fucking rains

it literally started the minute i shut the door after getting out of dinner with a friend

it’s fucking july

in southern CA




yeah fuck you too nature

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Oh and earlier i bought a good Puerto Rican rum that even my mom recognized. Made in old whiskey barrels, its a really nice oakey and sweet rum with a nice edge. Made a mojito to celebrate, will make another later ;D #booze #life #rondelbarrilito #puertorico

after the work thing today decided to take some time to myself and go see Edge of Tomorrow

it was just as good as i thought it’d be

DAMN those were some cool aliens. and body armor. and action scenes. and VFX. damn the whole thing looked REALLY good. also MAJOR props to conventional VFX too

overall, if you’re on the fence about seeing it, go see it! good summer action-flick.

Wanted to post where I went yesterday bt I had bad service. anyhoo, #anaheimpackingdistrict is an awesome place to come eat and chill. Beautiful day, yummy food and drinks. 10/10 would recommend to a friend. #life (at Anaheim Packing District)