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Easter dinner

Not too into the idle chit chat rn, dad keeps pushing the convo randomly and its sorta annoying. hiding in moms office for a few min til its impolite. During dinner there will prob be more interesting convo. Maybe.

Leg is buggin me too, doesnt help.

Had a very productive lunch hour today

We all went to an art store that was having a 40% off sale, got a ton of gouache stuff, and then i stopped by the farmers market and got a pupusa, asian pear, and kettle corn to bring back for office peeps

Ah yeah. A bit long but totally worth it. Yay!



stocking up on gouache pictures for the blog so i have some reference of what gouache paints can do

if ya didn’t know, yesterday during my lunch hour a couple coworkers and i went to an art store near work that was having a huge 40% off sale storewide, used this as my chance to FINALLY get myself some gouache and painting supplies

i’ve been meaning to use more traditional mediums for a while, and talking with coworkers, seeing people’s art…totally inspiring me

reaaaaaallyyyy wish i wasn’t closing at the bakery today, really wanna try out the art. i would tomorrow, but only if people leave early after Easter festivities….




had such a good day today

ah man

good day good week good people yeah yeah yeah

good job

glad i’m not working on Easter, means i get to eat mom’s cooking and not close the night before work esp since i’m working longer hours now

gonna quit the second job pretty soon. super excited bc i’ll have my weekends again. bc hell no i ain’t doin this shit for another 6 months you kidding me

anyway goodnight

Building a collection of empty bottles… just finished this one #rachelsgingerbeer mom likes the bottle so I think we’re going to keep this one. During summer i really wanna order more! #life #yum #gingerbeer #ohseattleimissyou

We all went and took a short walk after lunch to check out the action we could hear from the office. Pretty cool seeing it up close! #lbgp #indycars #life #video #ireallywannagoracenow (at Pine and Ocean)

Long Beach Grand Prix is going on right outside our building. Kind of exciting but makes it hard to concentrate sometimes #lbgp #work #life #gottagofast #race #indycars #video (at Landmark Square)

Just poured the last bit of the Rose #wine i ordered from #Napa…gonna try n make it last… #life #pineridgewinery #booze

Woke up to this lovely surprise this morning (like 2 hours ago) and I couldn’t be happier.

Honestly perfect timing, just the thing to welcome me home from vacation. Oh Napa, I will remember thee well.


Seattle: Day 3

Ended up walking into a flash pillow fight mob or something. I even got playfully bopped on the head to make it legit.

That last picture shows “gifts” Im bringing to Sacramento, straight from Pikes Place Market. Delicious ginger beer (original and blood orange flavor) and a pound of prosciutto. Sooooo excited to enjoy these tomorrow.

Anyway, back at the hotel and waiting for the shuttle to take me to the light rail to get me to the airport. A good send-off from Seattle! See you in Sac!

- C

Got some awesome pics of a big pillow fight today (from my travel blog)

At the airport waiting for for my flight, it started raining sorta hard, glad it decided to do that once i leave

i’m also making a resolution to buy a bag of mini donuts even though i know to HIGH HEAVEN i do not need them

i’m not even that hungry

but damn

i need them

i wanted to go to the EMP tomorrow but i am so tired i think i might just save my money and sleep in a bit, go to Pike’s Market again and grab my food stuff and head to the airport early

i mean i need to be there before my flight but idk man ugh i’m tired and i dont wanna be rushed  butn then if i left early i’d have to wait at the airport for a while but i’ve spent a lot of money but i think it’d also be interesting but idk

idk man

figurin it out while i’m basically ready to knock out

totally gonna work out

Tired tired tired TIRED from a long walking day, but super fun and relaxing. gonna grab chicken curry and noodles from the place a block down and then watch last week’s hannibal so i can finally maybe catch up with THIS week’s, even tho i’m in seattle

gotta figure out my plan of action tomorrow, bc i’m gonna be buying food to take to Sac with me and DANG i’m gonna have to carry some shit lol idk if i can fit it all in my bag….

oh the joys of food. i love it so much.

Gonna go on the Underground tour of #seattle ! #travel #life (at Pioneer Square)