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so i finally opened the jewelry i got the other day, and i’m pretty happy! the stuff looks pretty good for being so cheap! 

the only issue is i was expecting the necklace on the lower right to be a different option (the names were very vague… “large” and “small” key? the pictures didn’t really show which was bigger! just that one was a single and one was that…oh well. still looks ok) and the blue earrings on the left and the circle necklace on the top left were supposed to be different colors… emailed the company and hoping for at least some store credit? but i mean, honestly it’s so cheap i’d just try ordering it again, but i’d rather know for sure my problems were addressed and i’d get the right ones.

anyhoo, for the price, great stuff, sucks that there were problems, but you get what you pay for. hopefully it’s not too much hassle!

hockey game time!

we bought season tickets (for weekend games) today and as part of the offer they gave us free tickets to the pre-season game tonight against the kings!

and the tickets are pretty close to the ice on the lower levels!! woo!!


Today is “eat meals with guys I’m interested in but be too full to actually eat” day

Its been good so far but interesting

still cleaning out my room today, focusing on my bookshelf, have a paper bag full of books to give away…have ANOTHER bag just for manga (might be able to fit old general comics and stuff in there too

also going through and saving the manga i still like/have good memories of,

and i was looking over my collection of Kare Kano, i have all 21 volumes, EXCEPT number 4. (*looks off into the distance and remembers why she never lends out books anymore*)



its been forever so i just ordered a replacement one from Amazon and it was just over $5 with shipping, feel so good to have the whole collection back together againnnnnnn



also, more people have been buying up stickers of my "Boldly Go" design on RedBubble which is exciting :D

someone just bought a T-shirt of it and even an iPhone case!!!



just ordered a bunch of jewelry for under $10

hope its not a scam but excited to get them (need to treat myself to stuff sigh)

and yeah i’ll probably forget about this in a week lol and bc they just had an “explosion of orders” recently it’ll take that long just for it to be processed

anyway, will be happy to be surprised with jewelry yay

Look at the size of that macaroon!! With a Green tea ice cream center! #yum #kbbq #life (at Gen Korean BBQ House)

Took parents to KBBQ for their first time. They loved it! Had a taste of basically everything and oooomg so full… #yum #kbbq #life (at Gen Korean BBQ House)

So every other friday we get breakfast at work, usually bagels or maybe fruit/ croissants and ham n cheese

But tomorrow

Oh god tomorrow we get a build-your-own-smoothie bar AND WAFFLES


I wanna post a super excited Leslie Knope gif reaction but im on mobile



Gon be suuuuch a good start to a friday

Picked one of the cherry tomatoes that was ready today, and even tho it was so small, it packed big flavor! Late summer homegrown tomatoes- yes please! #storeboughtjustdonttastethesame #gardening #garden #vegetables #cherrytomatoes #yum #life #mygardening

With the salad i was able to even eat dark chocolate cherries and a flat bread cracker thing and still be under!


Its the little things

Was hoping the lunch at work today was leaning to something i can more easily portion

But its hamburgers and fries and tuna melts and oh my god im gonna go over today

At this rate ill have to run another mile just so i can eat dinner

After my morning walk/jog, came home to find a delicious looking rainbow in the garden! #gardening #cherrytomatoes #yum #vegetables #garden #life #mygardening



I now know 1 teaspoon is about 4 grams

Times like this (calorie counting) that i hate that the US doesn’t use the metric system -_-

Another praying mantis on my bell pepper plant this morning. Lighter in color than the other one and this one watched my every move. But thats my favorite thing about these guys, they give you such attitude when looking at the camera. #hesallexcuuuuuuseme #garden #bugs #prayingmantis #life