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Ducks won tonighttttt

i had a big ass beer

i am gonna have TJ cheesecake bites

i am setting up dates with an artist guy who seems sweet (and we were making hockey puns lol)

good night yeah ending on a high note woo

Got the best compliment today:

"I love your color schemes"

Aw thank you new guy you’re alright



Its only when im at work do i realize which jacket i shouldve worn to work

Iiiiiiiiits gonna be a cold day today

Thank god im leaving early….HOCKEY TONITE WOO

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because my car broke down friday night 

it kinda changed the look of my entire weekend

and i’m actually really thankful bc i’m doing a little bit of everything and it’s just turning out very interesting and i’m just laughing

thanks car

thanks for looking out for me

i think one of the best thing about my life rn is that it’s teaching me to be more open. forcing me to assess things differently, to be more relaxed or understand things in a way i’m not used to or don’t often see.

it’s familiar but different and my self from a few months ago might be totally shocked at what i say or tell and its just



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Took him to my friends party so in return he took me to his friends party

Hooray making polite conversation

Am now smoking menthols out on the porch bc its cooler and ya keepin busy woo

Heading to friends party

Hope they like him and it goes well

just finished watching Silver Linings Playbook

i liked it

and dang those two were SO good in this movie. wow. if the story wasn’t the best THEY sure were. good thing to watch rn ya



bought some nice shirts, a sweater and nice pants today at H&M

think i might’ve lost an earring (bc the stupid plastic back STUCK to my ear HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN)

eeeeeverything equaled out? idk i’m just happy to have another good looking plaid shirt that doesn’t make me look like a lumberjack



Strange big yellow moon out tonight

Looks like a sugar cookie

Adventure at the aquarium! Made a new friend! #aquariumofthepacific #lorikeet #life