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So every other friday we get breakfast at work, usually bagels or maybe fruit/ croissants and ham n cheese

But tomorrow

Oh god tomorrow we get a build-your-own-smoothie bar AND WAFFLES


I wanna post a super excited Leslie Knope gif reaction but im on mobile



Gon be suuuuch a good start to a friday

Picked one of the cherry tomatoes that was ready today, and even tho it was so small, it packed big flavor! Late summer homegrown tomatoes- yes please! #storeboughtjustdonttastethesame #gardening #garden #vegetables #cherrytomatoes #yum #life #mygardening

With the salad i was able to even eat dark chocolate cherries and a flat bread cracker thing and still be under!


Its the little things

Was hoping the lunch at work today was leaning to something i can more easily portion

But its hamburgers and fries and tuna melts and oh my god im gonna go over today

At this rate ill have to run another mile just so i can eat dinner

After my morning walk/jog, came home to find a delicious looking rainbow in the garden! #gardening #cherrytomatoes #yum #vegetables #garden #life #mygardening



I now know 1 teaspoon is about 4 grams

Times like this (calorie counting) that i hate that the US doesn’t use the metric system -_-

Another praying mantis on my bell pepper plant this morning. Lighter in color than the other one and this one watched my every move. But thats my favorite thing about these guys, they give you such attitude when looking at the camera. #hesallexcuuuuuuseme #garden #bugs #prayingmantis #life

After a walk, i went out to go check my veggie plants and saw this little guy on the screen door. Always good to see them every year! They’re so cool! #prayingmantis #bugs #garden #life

Hard to resist the pull of Beard Papa’s anytime im near here! Gettin myself some treatssss!! #yum #beardpapas #life (at Mochilato)

Lookin cute in my dress

Hair freshly trimmed, only $15 bc it wasnt a real cut but tipped to 20 bc the girl is super cool

Gettin the car washed

Feelin good

Got out my gouache again, happy greens this time. Buffy on in the background while i work. #myart #painting #life

Just watched Good Morning Vietnam on netflix with the parentsĀ 

that was actually really good. i liked it a lot. idk. just hit a certain good spot in my movie brain

but ya dang Robin Williams was so young. dang. handsome guy.

day 3 of morning walks

it was a bit warmer out than yesterday, makes me glad i go so early. there were a LOT more people out an about than yesterday, lots of little kids walking with their moms to school. it was really cute to see them run.

a few more other walkers too (lol sounds like zombies now) and two not-old people, i figure they might be dads or college students who go to the nearby community college- one of them was p cute and had a cute little pug who tried to say hi as i went past

sucks i look like crap and hide my under-eye circles under sunglasses and my mess of a head under a bandana. but hey it’s a walk first thing when i wake up, so whatevs

as i go, i wonder who i’ll see as regulars. *shrugs*

anyway, that stuff aside, let’s hope today is a better day than i think it’ll be.

day 2 of morning walks

left earlier, so i chose a path that goes farther. really beautiful weather (in the shade lol, luckily it was mostly that)

anyway, feel super good, the shower after feels AWESOME and ya

feeling good

alright alright alright

Yesterday was a BIG cheat day for me lol. At lunch there was kabob curry, i only had a bit of meat but piled on the rice and curry and naan bread. Lots of grilled veggies but only a bit of whatever meat that was. Mmm makin me hungry now lol

Dinner was skirt steak n potato wedges, but then mom made chocolate thumbprint cookies and holy crap i had four but u dont understand

They were so good


Okay enough about that and back to work. Back to the vegetarian diet, i have that new Seitan stuff or whatever the hell it is for lunch and veggies w a bit of rice. No idea what im in for lets hope its good???