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The Trailer

Come on, Jack. Your picture has been out since 2009. Give the other guys some of the limelight.

(sorry for spamming you with Guardians stuff people…just a few more).

My buddy Johane is awesome, and also storyboarded on Dreamwork’s newest film project “Rise of the Guardians”,  and I am excited!

ahahaha it’s true! i wondered where Jack was. I remember seeing the art for him ages ago.



Now, live on Itunes. 

Will update with YouTube video when available.

Very, very cool. The Tooth Fairy has such a wonderful, unexpected design.

god i am in LOVE with the art direction. hell yes Guillermo del Toro! (big fan)

but seriously, interested to see more. hoping that the art direction isn’t the only thing that’ll be awesome!

Track my movie habits!!

I am blasting the soundtrack from this movie. I really love the colors, the music, and the story was really cute! Definitely had its charm, and I am seriously considering going to Carnival. FO REALS IT SHOULD HAPPEN.

Gotta learn some Portuguese. LET’S GO!

Heart if you’ve seen it! (go go go if you haven’t already!)