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Enough! You are all of you beneath me! I am God, you dull creature, and I will not be bullied by…


Where the hell was Loki when the others were grabbing some shawarma?
This is my guess.




Let me just.  Spill feels on that bottom gif for a minute.

Look at that.  That is just - a perfect reaction, summed up in half a second clip.  We can assume at this point, by Loki’s statement “I met them,” that it’s past the point where Loki has thrashed most of the Avengers individually.  Even after all he’s accomplished in Midgard, even as he thinks he’s so superior to all of these simple little Midgardians and their primitive lives, that one mention from Tony sets him on edge.

That little annoyed hiss, the head turn, how he bounces the staff in his hand.  Look at that.  That is annoyance, irritation, insecurity, and anger all bubbling together - and Loki shoves it down, trying to ignore the fact that his brother is here, helping these stupid little Midgardians and their insignificant lives.  That Thor ruins everything - he has Asgard, all Loki wants is Midgard, why should he take that away too?  That even though he’s succeeded in so much, his brother will always be better than him, and by the Realms he will not let that happen.

It just speaks so much to me about Loki’s inner turmoil - he’s obviously crazypants in this movie.  No doubt about that: He’s the villain.  But the only reason he get so angry at Thor is because he still loves his brother, somewhere.  If he was really apathetic to who Thor was, their history, then he wouldn’t care.  But this is thinly veiled bravado, because after all this time, he still doesn’t know how to handle the issues that have plagued him since he touched the Casket.  I’m a monster, I may as well act like one.

#perfect commentary is perfect

And this people, is why I ADORE Loki Laufeyson.


yeah. that’s what i like.

The Avengers Memorable Quotes



why they put this on his mouth i’ll never know.

what’s he going to do? verbally abuse them to death? 

or maybe he’ll spit on them

like some sort of loki llama

The fucking face Loki makes as he gouges that guy’s eye out.



 #when he grinned I grinned


god he was so deliciously evil


first off SPOILERS

(click for big) You know, the more I think about these two, the sadder it seems to me. For Hawkeye, obviously, because being mind-controlled sucks and is traumatizing, but also kind of for Loki, because he just like, steals himself a friend? Loki seems completely incapable of actually making friends for himself. Even before he was evil, on Asgard, Thor was the only person who seemed to halfway want him around, and made his friends just kind of tolerate him.

Anyway, I took these sad thoughts and turned them into a doofy comic, as usual.




thanks for your prompts!

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oh god all of these are so perfect <3