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I have never seen this!  Seen Bayuex Tapestry parodies, but not as commentary during an actual war.

we have a print of this in our hallway! i’ve loved it even as a kid


A caricature of Europe right before WWI. For a full explanation of the imagery for each country, click on the image.


Before the invention of radar, naval battles were infrequent because the ocean is a very big place, and it was incredibly hard for ships to find the enemy. So most ships around the turn of the century tried to blend in with the water, with boring colors and sleek designs. Except some very special British ships. “Dazzle” camouflage is designed to make it near impossible for the enemy to tell type, speed or anything else about the ship. It was used widely in WWI and a little in WWII, until radar made camouflage of any kind obsolete.


WWI ‘grave’ revives forgotten battle


“I was there” with the Yanks on the western front, 1917-1919 (1919)

Several of many amazing sketches made by a solder in the A.E.F fighting in France, and on special duty to sketch for A.E.F.’s official newspaper “The Stars and Stripes”