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the darkest month of them all

the time of the mid-season finales



Song credit to: Her

Guys this is a beautiful piece. It’s called “Arrival of the Birds”, performed by the Cinematic Orchestra. LISTEN.

Just think: This time next year




we still will not have Sherlock Season 3.

once upon a time i was falling in love

now i’m only falling apart.

i swear to god i am nothing but fail today

i stayed up all night fixing my stupid project

and then when i exported and compressed it after 2 hours 

one of the lines didnt show up so i had to fix it and then do it all over again

and then it turns out when i went to compress it i forgot the original settings and i ended up wasting more time trying to make it good quality and all correct

and then when i went to transfer it to my USB it wouldn’t fit so i rearranged things and then when i emptied the trash i somehow ended up dragging the good file in there as well

and i just re-rendered and forgot to check for audio output

kill me

let this just be done with so i can go and stress about my next final