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“Welcome, passengers, I’m Captain Eddy of Eddy’s Creek Cruise. Where you get more bank, for your buck. I’d like you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing sounds of 88 Fingers Eddward!”

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it’s the simple things in life


Me, forever, all day, always, infinity.

that totally reminded me i have dessert leftovers in the fridge

gonna go eat, bitches

why is it that a 9 year old had pretty much the coolest room ever? heck, i’d like a room like that now.

hahaha i remember this scene


just so everyone knows


To keep its 20-something fans satiated, TeenNick is about to sub in two more (old) shows to its popular The ’90s Are All That programming block.

Beginning Sept. 5, repeats of Hey Arnold! and Rocko’s Modern Life will replace Clarissa Explains It All and Doug Monday…

yay i miss those shows! but sad since i love Doug :/

I gotta say

I like the fact that I’m a 90s kid, it doesn’t define who I am, but it explains a lot about who I am because of what I grew up around and how the world was at that time.

I love watching the 90s on Nick, because I think it’s fun. I’m not obsessive and rabid to relive my childhood, wishing things were back like it was then. It’s just interesting to see how these shows transition to now, showing them again to my friends who haven’t seen them, and seeing….just where my weird came from. (LOL)

And, I like being able to watch old shows again in their original quality, better than streaming online! XD



is on TV. Blast from the past!

It’s really weird how I remember these episodes and stuff. The music, the voice actors….so weird. But cool. Interesting to see the differences in shows from the 90s and now. But really, I got a soft-spot for Doug, he is such a sweetie xD



me right now

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice BEETLEJUICE!